My first exhibition was visited by the curator of the Greek Telecommunications Organization (OTE) Exhibition Center and offered me a time slot for my next event. OTE Exhibition Center is situated in the center of the city and can be visited 24/7. For over a decade it has been an art tribune for new and established artists and I had the honor to organize the first-ever design exhibition.

“Maserati Biturbo Desk Lamp”

This is the reincarnation of a genuine Maserati Biturbo engine cam cover into an elegant, purposeful, everyday object, the “Maserati Biturbo Desk Lamp”, standing over a large wooden base you can use as an office station to place your personal stash such as car keys, mobile phone etc. 

“The Lancia V4 Desk lamp”

Reincarnated into an elegant desk lamp, this piece of automotive history is my favorite work so far. It has been professionally painted in the original Mendoza Blue which was discontinued after 1976.

“BMW Boxer Desk Lamp”

The BMW Boxer Desk Lamp consists of a pair of airhead valve covers, aluminium sheets and plexiglass, creating an abstract figure of the BMW boxer engine.